Preparing Your Practice for Your Employees’ Back-To-School Uncertainty

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PREparing your practice for your employees' back-to-school uncertainty

Preparing your practice for your employees' back-to school uncertainty 

In this six part series with ELITE and Cain Watters & Associates, learn how to navigate staffing concerns, leveraging technology, working remotely, filling your schedule, and more.   

PART I: leveraging technology To enhance office efficiency

In this webinar, learn more about different types of software that can help you and your staff remain efficient and productive, even if they are at home.

Webinar Resource:

Download the Outsourcing Guide

Part IV: stabilize staff & patient demand with creative scheduling

Learn more about how to work with staff and patients to identify needs due to back-to-school issues and concerns.

PART II: maximizing staff efficiency in office & remotely

Learn more about task management to help maximize clinical time and lessen the managerial burden of changing staff roles due to irregular schedules.

Webinar Resource:

Download the Efficiency Checklist

Part V: Creative & effective cross training plans

Get creative ideas for cross-training, maximizing mechanics and presenting diagnostic plans.

Part III: quick solutions to your fall reappointment woes

Find ideas to fill your fall schedule gaps with reappointment ideas and online scheduling solutions in this webinar.

Part VI: fulfilling your ffcra responsibilities this fall

As schools resume virtually, in person or even close again, be familiar with how to utilize FFCRA in your practice.