Maximizing Staff Efficiency In Office & Remotely

Melissa Carlson

Evaluate and restructure task management to help maximize clinical time and lessen the managerial burden when dealing with changing staff roles due to irregular schedules.

The Future of Orthodontics: Part III

Melissa Carlson

Part III Bonus Webinar: Getting back to work: Analyzing the new standards to navigate the new way of doing business. COMING SOON!

Making Sense of Credit Card Processing

Melissa Carlson

Join ELITE and Matt Sullivan from Elite Credit Card Service to learn about the best practices for credit card processing and services.

Current State of PPE

Melissa Carlson

Truths and myths about PPE with Rick Cohen, Managing Director of Benco.

Dentistry in the New Normal

Melissa Carlson

A 10-Step Plan to Getting Back to Work with Charles Cohen, Managing Director of Benco.

The Future of Orthodontics: Part I

Scott Hawley Dental

What in the world just happened? Bringing perspective to what happened, learning from the 2008 financial crisis, and predictions on what to expect in the next 6-12 months.