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FAQ 2016-11-12T07:19:49-05:00
Elite Dental Alliance (“ELITE”) is a purchasing organization created by the partnership of Cain, Watters & Associates that is designed to promote and support the principals of the independent dental practice.  The landscape of the dental industry is rapidly changing and we want to provide you, the independent doctor, with a way to protect your business without compromising your quality of care.
Dental Service Organizations (DSOs) with deep pockets are acquiring market share at an alarming rate and putting increased pressure on independent practices.  In the face of this movement, independent practices need to band together and fight back.  ELITE provides you a way to do this:  with group purchasing power.  Why should all the discounts be reserved for the large, corporate accounts?   ELITE members are extended discounts and upgrades because of the size and quality of its membership and each of our vendor relationships provides you with an opportunity to save money.
Our professionals negotiate price reductions in equipment, products, and services that you use every day. ELITE will secure pricing through contracts and will continually evaluate the value of each vendor relationship. If you are already buying from an ELITE vendor when you become a member, you are automatically eligible to take advantage of the contracts the ELITE has negotiated.
ELITE’s goal is to help you identify vendors that you need and negotiate agressive contracts with those vendors on your behalf. We want you (and all of our members) to spend less time dealing with the vendors and more time working with the patients…and making money.
As an ELITE member, you still practice independently and have no obligation to purchase from any vendor. You choose which vendors you want to purchase from regardless if they are an ELITE vendor or not.
You can get a quick review of the participating vendors without logging in by clicking Vendor Partners, but to fully understand the breadth of the benefits that ELITE offers, you need to become a member by joining here.  Once you are a member, you will have unlimited access to the member area, which is where you will see the discounts and products offered by our vendors.  Inside the member area you will also find the ELITE-dedicated contact information for each vendor so you can access the deals at your convenience.
Unless specifically requested by the vendor, there will be no change in the way you normally order and receive supplies. ELITE is simply the facilitator of the marketplace, not a vendor, so your purchasing processes will most likely stay the same.
Click here and fill out the application.  Once the application is approved, you will receive your member number and gain full access to the member area.

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