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Baker Orthodontics

Dr. Kyle Baker, DMD

Over $289,000 in ELITE Savings

For many years, Dr. Kyle Baker has been providing both traditional orthodontics and clear aligner treatment to kids and adults in the Bakersfield, California area. Dr. Baker is also one of the first ELITE Members! “When I first became a Cain Watters client in 2016, ELITE was getting started and it sounded wonderful. There were opportunities for savings and creating relationships with Vendors, so I was all in.”

Having saved over $289,000 since becoming a Member, Dr. Baker says his experience with ELITE has been the best.

Dr. Kyle Baker
“ELITE takes a lot of the procurement issues off my plate. With the Vendors they have already negotiated discounts with, I don’t have to go out and do that myself. The ELITE team cares about our success and offers suggestions for savings, and helps create relationships with new Vendors that will benefit the practice.”

Dr. Kyle Baker, DMD

Elite Member Since 2016

What Baker Orthodontics Says About ELITE Vendors

3M Clarity Aligners

Dr. Baker has made a full transition to the 3M Clarity Aligners system and hasn’t looked back. Since making the switch two years ago, his practice has saved about $150,000 with their ELITE discount.

“The savings speak for themselves. You can see that I’ve saved a ton over Invisalign and we haven’t lost anything in clinical success. The company is wonderful to work with, the platform is easy to use and it’s been a game change for our practice,” says Dr. Baker.

American Orthodontics

Dr. Baker couldn’t be happier with his partnership with American Orthodontics: “I’ve been with AO for about four years now, and the best thing about them is their product consistency and outstanding customer service. We love working with them.”

Another perk is AO’s Loyalty Dollars. Dr. Baker uses these rewards to pay for his CWA and ELITE Membership fees each year, which is just icing on the cake! Did we mention his practice has also saved over $107,000 with the ELITE discounts on AO products?


Dr. Baker turned to OrthoFi to assist with collections and to free up staff time to focus on patient care. He notes the impact it has had on his practice: “OrthoFi has been huge. Being able to outsource the financial work takes a big piece off our plate. The consistency in collections has been amazing and now it’s just something I don’t have to worry about.”

The practice saved about $5,000 in their first year with OrthoFi. With the ELITE Member discount, Dr. Baker has estimated that he has saved about 50% of a financial coordinator’s time. “This allows my staff focus on patient care instead of chasing their money,” Dr. Baker states.

Benco Dental

Since joining ELITE, Dr. Baker’s practice has seen discounts averaging 20% on their Benco consumables purchases. Previously, he has been using Benco for his entire career because of the relationship and service Benco provides.

“I have previously worked with both Patterson and Schein, but I feel that there’s just not a relationship with them. With Benco, there is a different and positive relationship. I recently purchased an I-Cat, which is a big investment in our practice, and the Benco team was very helpful in making sure it was the right equipment for my practice and was delivered and installed timely,” says Dr. Baker.

Cain Watters & Associates

Becoming a CWA client in 2016 has made a big impact on Dr. Baker’s financial success, both for his practice and for his personal goals for retirement.

“I’m a big advocate of knowing what your lane is, and staying in it, then surrounding yourself with people who understand things you don’t understand. I know how to move teeth and CWA is invaluable in understanding the financial needs to prepare me for retirement as well as a successful practice. It’s only made sense for me to partner with them,” he states.

Specialty Appliances

Dr. Baker recently decided to make a switch to a new ortho lab and turned to ELITE partner Specialty Appliances. He states, “I just started using Specialty Appliances this year and so far, it’s been seamless. I’m pleased with the consistency in the product they have given us and the savings have been good.”

The practice’s savings with the ELITE discount are averaging 30% to date!

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