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McGrory Orthodontics

Dr. Katie McGrory, DDS, MS

Over $60,000 in ELITE Savings

Dr. Katie McGrory and her team focus on combining personal care, expertise, and state-of-the-art orthodontic treatment in the Pearland & Bellaire areas in Texas. Serving children, teens and adults, Dr. McGrory and team strive to make patients feel like family.

Dr. Katie McGrory, DDS, MS
“The best part about being an ELITE member is the buying power by bringing dentists together. I have access to savings with vendors I already know and trust, and vendors new to me, like CEDR. I trust ELITE’s recommendations when choosing new vendors.”

Dr. Katie McGrory, DDS, MS

Elite Member Since 2017

What McGrory Orthodontics Says About ELITE Vendors

American Orthodontics

Dr. McGrory had been using AO as her main brackets and wires supplier prior to joining ELITE. Since 2017, she has saved $38,818 on the supplies she purchases regularly.


In 2019, Dr. McGrory became a CEDR customer, and saved $1,198 on a custom employee handbook and HR services. “All HR tools are now online and available to my team anytime. With the craziness of the pandemic in 2020, the extra touchpoints and support from CEDR were extremely helpful,” says Dr. McGrory.

Cain Watters & Associates

“The best part of being a CWA client is that it’s not just about the practice numbers. With every consultation, I become more educated about important topics such as investments. Hunter Satterfield, my CWA planner is very involved in the process.”


As a client of OrthoBanc since 2017, Dr. McGrory has saved over $3,600. “OrthoBanc’s platform is very easy for patients to use and set up automatic payment drafts, and I love that the platform integrates with my practice management software,” says Dr. McGrory.

Specialty Appliances

Specialty Appliances provides lab services for both of Dr. McGrory’s locations. Dr. McGrory notes that they are a great company and she and her team enjoy working with them. Savings with Specialty Appliances to date is $9,372.


Dr. McGrory has recently started working with Gaidge and is still in the training process. Since she signed up, her initial savings has been $725. Impressed with process so far, Dr. McGrory notes that it is a great training tool for the team, and she is excited to dive deeper into the tools available.

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