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The Art of Dentistry

Dr. Brian Fann

Over $122,000 in ELITE Savings

Dr. Brian Fann and his team focus on providing comprehensive dentistry for the entire family, from general dentistry, implants, implant retained dentures, cosmetic dentistry, conventional orthodontics and clear aligners, and more. Dr. Fann focuses on treating the whole patient.

Dr. Brian Fann
“ELITE has been great to work with! Each year, we look at our savings, and they are well above the investment. The ROI is certainly there, especially because this is for items we were already buying. The vendors on the ELITE platform are great companies, ones that I want to partner with. These are mainstream dental companies that dentists want to work with and it’s great to have access to them.”

Dr. Brian Fann

Elite Member Since 2016

What The Art of Dentistry Says About ELITE Vendors


Since joining ELITE, Dr. Fann has saved over 50% each year with Brasseler. Having saved over $15,000 and counting, Dr. Fann says that he uses Brasseler’s burs extensively and is always pleased with the product, value, price and service. “Brasseler consistently provides high-quality products and the discounts that I receive through my ELITE membership mean that I save significantly on the products I am already using in my practice every day.”

Kulzer Refining

Office Manager Lisa Paul recently began using Kulzer Refining for their precious metal refining. “Working with Kulzer was so easy! They simply send you the container and we fill it up and mail it in. I couldn’t believe how simple it was and how quickly we received our check. It was my first experience sending in our scrap metals and I am now wish I started sooner so I didn’t waste so much time and money in the past,” says Lisa. On their first return with Kulzer, they received a check for $5,886.86.

Cain Watters & Associates

Dr. Fann says, “I’ve been with CWA for about 13 years now and they’ve done a great job helping us navigate the business end of the practice. They’ve also assisted us with some practice management issues, and they’ve definitely helped with long term personal financial planning. I highly recommend CWA to a new practice owner to help navigate financial planning strategies.”


Since beginning with Paychex, the practice has saved over $3,500 and, according to spouse Mitzi Fann, “Our experience with Paychex has been wonderful. The amount of time they have saved me from calculating missed pay raises, bonuses, completing required forms for PPP, ERC and numerous other federal forms has been incredibly helpful. All the Paychex Representatives we have worked with have been eager to help at any given time. Yes – a business owner can manage his/her payroll themselves but having them to call at your fingertips allows you to spend more time on the other things that need your attention of a successful small business. I truly cannot imagine running our business without Paychex.”

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